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Ian Mulgrew
...await court ruling on citizenship

Peter Worthington
A shameful mess

...citizenship law can have extraordinary repercussions

Ian Mulgrew
Canadians who aren't

Licia Corbelli
Canada in dubious company

Andrew Telegdi
Conservatives wrong on Oberlander

Peter Worthington
Government's lust for deportation

News Release
Citizenship Revocation - Oberlander

CBC News
Lost Canadians - Links & Facts

CBC News
Thousands stripped of citizenship

MP panel / CPAC
Mar, 26, 41 min. into show

Andrew Telegdi
CPAC Feb. 19 and 27

Elizabeth May
Time to Welcome Lost Canadians Home

News Release
Fleury invited to Standing Committee special meeting

Chris Maughan
'Lost Canadians' fight back

Alex Dobrota
'Lost' Canadians get citizenship

Mike Duffy Live
I am Canadian?

Canada AM
Andrew Telegdi discusses citizenship

CTV News
Lost Canadians seeking citizenship

The Economist
Lost in Kafkaland

Mirko Petricevic
Playing the waiting game with citizenship

Peter Worthington
Shameful citizenship debacle

Juliet O'Neill
Arcane law

CBC, Jan. 24, 2007
Fight for citizenship

CBC, Jan. 24, 2007
Mennonites may lose citizenship

CBC, Jan. 23, 2007
Passport applicants find they're not Canadian

Paul Hunter, CBC video
Passport applicants find they're not Canadian

Windsor Star, Editorial
Caught in an unfair dilemma

Juliet O'Neill
Citizenship lost

Alexandra Zabjek
How the 56ers changed Canada

Peter Worthington
A foolish appeal

Andrew Mayeda
...denying rights of war bride kids

Peter Worthington
Judge: war child a Canuck

Peter Worthington
Documentary - Lost Canadians

Kent Spencer
Remedy to citizenship snafu available soon, MP says

Kent Spencer
Citizenship snafu haunts Surrey family

Daphne Bramham,
Citizenship Canada a Kafkaesque nightmare

Peter Worthington
"Citizenship should be a priority"

Peter Worthington
"Citizenship at risk"

CTV News, May 2, 2006
"MPs attack deportation tactics"

A Minute of Silence
The Record

Peter Worthington
"Treat all citizens equally"

World Sikh Organization
Letter to the PM

Cypriot Fed'n of Canada
Letter of support

Canadian Arab Fed'n
News Release

Michael Den Tandt
Visitor permits called 'pure abuse'

Peter Worthington
Making all citizens equal

Bob Vrbanac
W'loo MP pressures gov't to change citizenship regulations

Christian Aagaard
Telegdi's committee tops all things sweet or stinky

Cdn Islamic Congress
News Release

Peter Worthington
Flawed Citizenship Act may be corrected

Ukrainian Cdn Congress
Media Release

German Cdn Congress (Ont.)
Response to Report


"The real question is not what Stephen Harper would do to get a majority, but what would he do if he had one."

Former PM Joe Clark

Justin Trudeau

will be the guest of honour at a dinner on November 13, 2007 in celebration of the twenty fifth year of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Keeping Finley on Immigration File Reflects Low Priority Harper Puts on Immigration

Ottawa: Andrew Telegdi binary options trading platform demo account, the longest serving member of the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration expressed his deep disappointment with the retention of Diane Finley as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the latest Conservative government cabinet shuffle.


Growing need for skilled workers

Why is government making matters worse?


UW Federation of Students

40th anniversary celebrated with address by "the Federation's most famous alumnus."

Ten ways to be declared a non-citizen

Update: Citizenship of over 200,000 Canadians at Risk

Open letter to Students:

"The recent Conservative budget offers nothing to help students pay their tuition in September or their rent in March."


News Release, Andrew Telegdi, Feb. 27, 2007: AT Proundly votes against Continuation of the Draconian Provisions in the Anti-terrorism Act

McGill Tribune, Ken Sun, Feb. 27, 2007: Detention policy comes under fire

National Post, Catherine Solyom, Feb 18, 2007: Protest groups seek abolition of controversial security certificates

Halifax Chronicle Herald, Andy Blatchford, Feb. 18, 2007: Protesters blast Canada’s treatment of terror suspects

Stop the unjust stripping of Canadians' citizenship through discriminatory laws

"The CBC reports that census and immigration data indicate that the citizenship of as many as 20,000 Canadians is at risk under the current legislation. This situation is totally unacceptable," says the Hon. Andrew Telegdi, MP for Kitchener-Waterloo. "And when you consider the outrageous procedure for citizenship revocation, the numbers are much higher than that. Every one of the 6 million naturalized Canadians whose citizenship is challenged has their citizenship at risk. It is time to update the current archaic Citizenship Act and bring it into compliance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

War Brides           Lost Canadians

E-mail the Prime Minister or print petition                        More...>>>

New leader has clear vision

A call to action

We are the Party that brought the first two pillars together -- economic prosperity and social justice. The NDP do not understand the market economy. The Conservatives do not understand social justice. But we Liberals have always championed both...

Full speech...>>>

Gerard Kennedy's Speech

CTV/Canadian Press, December 26, 2006: Conservatives admit to undisclosed donations

Conservative ties to U.S. right-wing groups

Council for National Policy

Bush's "Faith-Based Initiative"

News Release

Telegdi Opposes Harper’s Motion to Recognize the Quebecois as a Nation

The government’s motion to recognize the Quebecois as a nation within a united Canada is ill-defined, divisive and sets up an acrimonious debate that is not in the best interest of our country.


Melbourne 1956Images are links poster

Freedom's Fury

-- a powerful feature documentary about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the "Bloodiest Game in Olympic History" -- tells the story of the fateful moment in 1956 when Hungary exploded in a people-power revolt and climaxes with the water polo showdown between Hungary and the Soviet Union at the Melbourne Olympics, now known as the "Blood in the Water Match."

The documentary follows the Hungarian water polo team and its young star Ervin Zador, who find themselves the focal point of the most politicized sports match ever played. Zador went on to coach American Olympic champion Mark Spitz, who is narrator of the film.

American-Canadian director Colin Gray and his sister, director of photography Megan Raney, began the project in 1999 by searching for the surviving players of the game. At that time, eight of the original members of the Hungarian team were still alive, as well as five from the Soviet team.

"Right off the bat, everyone we spoke to was really eager to meet again," says Raney. "For them to have an opportunity to come together and shake hands finally, 50 years later, almost 50 years later was a life-changing moment."

The 90-minute film follows a dual narrative, juxtaposing the battle fought in Australia with the tumultuous street events in Hungary.

The film is produced by Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino, better known for their involvement in films of highly stylized violence such as Kill Bill.

Raney says the two producers became instantly hooked on the story. Liu "was thrilled and she was like 'What can I do to help, I really want to be involved.' So she helped us to organize a fund-raiser in Los Angeles. At that point she was in negotiations with Kill Bill with Quentin Tarantino, so she invited him down to the fundraiser. He flipped out. He was just like 'This is the best story I've been ever told, I'd love to be involved.'

Telegdi supports Liberal motion
for unconditional ceasefire in Middle East

On July 27, 2006 I called on the government to recall Parliament to debate the Middle East conflict. To date, this call has been ignored as Prime Minister Stephen Harper holds to his position of blaming only one side, imposing impossible conditions for a ceasefire and disregarding the views of a growing majority of Canadians who want the fighting to stop now.


Transcript of Telegdi’s evidence to Foreign Affairs Committee, Aug. 1, 2006

Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

You made a comment earlier in the debate, what if we were there. Mr. Van Loan made comments about the Soviets and the Germans. Fifty years ago this year, Mr. Chair, I was in Hungary when the revolution started on October 23. There was a possibility of success for the revolution to succeed, but any possibility was stopped when there was an invasion that took place in Suez. At that time--because you made reference to Suez--what we had was three countries, Israel, France, and England, that undertook an adventure that shocked the world. The overwhelming majority of the nations were against that. Canada played an incredibly proud role in establishing peacekeeping for which our former prime minister, Lester B. Pearson, received the Nobel Peace Prize.


Telegdi demands recall of Parliament
to debate conflict in Middle East

Hon. Andrew Telegdi today called upon Prime Minister Harper to recall Parliament to debate the government’s refusal to call for an immediate and unconditional cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.

“It is outrageous that while more than five hundred innocent civilians in Israel and Lebanon, including nine Canadians, have perished and the infrastructure of Lebanon is being systematically destroyed, our Prime Minister remains one of the very few world leaders not to call for a ceasefire,” Telegdi said.


Support the Kyoto Protocol

"Trust me, you do not want a 'made in Texas' Kyoto plan."

Copy and paste for printing/snail mail or
please click to E-mail this message to the Prime Minister:

"Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Canada must honour our Kyoto obligations.

For me as a Canadian, fighting climate change is a top priority. We must play a leadership role globally in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Please renew our commitment to the Kyoto Protocol."

Be sure to add your name and address. It's not only polite but you won't get a response if you don't identify yourself

Minister gravely mistaken

"Mr. Speaker, it is interesting the member would raise that, given that the Liberal Party set a target for immigration of 1% every year over the last 10 years. The Liberals missed that by a total of almost one million people."

If the Hon. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration were to take the time to read the briefing documents so meticulously prepared just for him at public expense, he would not make such egregious blunders.

The statistics reported by his predecessors' Annual Reports to Parliament and other documents on the CIC web site show clearly that the last year the department failed to hit its immigration target was 1999.

This information is posted on the internet and accessible to the general public. Surely the person in charge of the entire operation must consider this to be information worth knowing.

Mike Duffy Live

Friday, May 12, 2006: panel discussion on immigration and the Conservative government's recent announcements.