Hard Water Issue Solutions

Hard water is an issue that affects more 60% of British homes. The term refers to water containing minerals. There are three ways to deal with hard water issues: chemical cleaners and conventional water softening systems. A household water descalers is also available.

Chemical Cleaners

There are many products that can help you deal with this problem. These products are intended to dissolve the residue that hardwater leaves behind and should be used on a regular basis. Chemical cleaners not only require constant scrubbing but also create wastewater pollution.

Conventional Water Softening System

A water softening device is installed to treat water before it can be pumped into the home. These systems are connected to the main water supply. They are the most expensive and need an initial purchase, installation, as well as a monthly supply salt. Softened water may not work well for drinking because of the excess sodium.

Descalers magnetic and electronic

Magnetic versions are also available. However, an electronic water descaler is far more effective. This device is attached to the main supply pipe. It uses radio frequencies or audio frequencies to prevent any mineral build-up. Audio frequencies are the most effective and they do not interfere with radio and television reception.

The hard water type is not dangerous but can cause serious plumbing and cleaning problems. Each solution is different and each has its pros and cons. You should consider the following information when deciding which solution is best to solve your hardwater problems.

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